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Experiential Equine Learning

Raven Ranch is home to renowned trainers, specializing in a variety of different disciplines.


Whether you want to show, correct a problem, put the finishing touch on your young horse, or hone your riding skills, our trainers are here to help.

Casi Majeski  
Hunters, Equitation, Eventing
horse jumping - Raven Ranch Tucson
Equitation - Casi Majeski
Horse Jumping at Raven Ranch Tucson

Casi Majeski started riding at the age of 5 in the hunter/jumper discipline and had great success there.  It wasn't long before she set her sights on Eventing, opening her eyes to the world of Dressage.  In 2018, she earned her USDF Bronze medal on her personal horse, Finesse, a Hanoverian mare she trained from scratch.  She went on to earn her USDF Silver Medal in 2019 on both Finesse and client-owned project horse, Pavarotti RA.  Casi continues to compete both locally and regionally where she and her clients have countless show championships, high-point, state championships and year-end awards.  


Casi teaches both horse and rider from the very basics in all disciplines in a style of variety to develop a well-rounded athlete.

Michaela Corbitt
Hunters, Jumpers, Equitation, Western, Dressage
Horse Training, Tucson Arizona - Michaela Corbitt
Equitation - Michael Corbitt - Tucson Horse Trainer
Michaela Corbitt - Tucson, AZ Horse Training

Michaela grew up and began riding in the Capital Region of Upstate, New York, where her fascination of horses soon became a life-long labor of love.  Predominantly riding under the Hunter, Jumper, Equitation disciplines, Michaela showed all through her junior years, competing in all three rings along the East Coast.  In 2012, she moved to Southern California, where her equine knowledge and passion for riding flourished and expanded beyond just the three ring disciplines into Dressage, Western riding, Trail, Eventing, and Natural Horsemanship.  It was in Los Angeles where she also discovered her passion for restarting and retraining Off The Track Thoroughbreds to find their new careers after they retired from racing, and she volunteered doing just that with Canter USA for several years.


Michaela turned professional in 2016 and shares her love of riding through teachings based in the joy of horses in a non-competitive environment spanning multiple disciplines.  Additionally, she teaches to ride the horse, not the saddle, and can provide tools to effectively communicate with your horse through body language and ground work to create wonderful relationships and bonds that last forever.


Michaela moved to Tucson in early 2021 and looks forward to sharing her knowledge and love for horses with everyone at Raven Ranch. 

Horses at Raven Ranch Tucson
Kimberlee Ocain
Hunters, Jumpers, Western, Dressage
Tucson, AZ Horse Jumping
Raven Ranch Tucson Horse Trainer - Kimberlee Ocain

Kimberlee began riding at the age of 5 and her passion for horses set her on a lifelong journey to learn and work with horses. Starting out in hunters, equitation, and jumpers, she found much success through her children’s and junior career.


Deciding to become a professional in 2008, she got a job training and starting Arabians before being offered a position at the prestigious Al-Marah Arabians.  Kimberlee was mentored by Dianne Grod and worked with the sport horses.  A young stallion she trained achieved 2010 USEF Arabian horse of the year.  After working with Arabs, she returned to the hunter jumper world working as a groom.  In 2014 she started working for an up-and-coming Dressage trainer, and spent 3 years as the assistant trainer learning dressage and natural horsemanship, all while teaching jumping lessons and competing her own horse.


Kimberlee has a positive teaching style with patience and a drive to help every horse and rider meet their full potential.  Kimberlee is a hunter/jumper trainer that also excels in developing young horses, colt starting, problem horses, natural horsemanship, dressage, and western (reining, team penning).

Tucson, AZ Horse Trainer - Kimberlee Ocain
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